The Data Driven Districts Dashboard is an approachable, highly intuitive dashboard that displays appropriate education-related information to education officials at all levels in the South African schooling system. This dashboard allows for the visualisation of a broad spectrum of information, in summary as well as in detailed views, to help education officials at all levels to make informed data driven decisions, which can ultimately lead to the improvement of the educational outcomes of all learners in the South African school system.


The Valistractor is a application that validates and extracts school data for the purposes of display on the DBE Dashboard.

It is a key tool in improving the quality of data collected and allows for easy data submission by schools.

Standard Dashboard View

The standard view offers a summary of all applicable metrics, as well as providing the ability to compare the performance of the entities that contributed to the results. It provides the ability to navigate through all entities to view the underlying details, all the way to individual learner and educator details.

Phase View

The phase view allows users at district level and below to focus on a specific phase of the education system, and provides the ability to compare subjects within that phase. Further navigation into a specific subject provides a direct comparison between the schools offering that subject, which further informs where interventions are required.


The dashboard has an ever-growing list of standard reports which provide additional insights into the information at hand. The reports can be saved for offline use and provide access to information, even when no connectivity to the dashboard is available.

Term to Date View

The term to date view offers a summary of both educator and learner attendance on a week-by-week basis, and the task marks captured for the term so far. Further navigation into individual educators or learners provides a calendar indicating their absent days. This view provides the ability for schools to submit attendance and task coverage data weekly and the information is available to view within 24 hours of the school submitting their interim data.


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